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I provide guidance on combining modern technology and electronics with residential construction.

I deliver project support in a unique manner that assists the architect, builder, homeowner, and subcontractor. My role is independent of manufacturers or product re-sellers which allows informed decisions to be made for installing modern technology effectively and discretely.

I do not sell products or installation services.

My role:
•  Reviews scope options and strategies
•  Provides construction documents and budgets for planning stages
•  Simplifies estimates from sub contractors
•  Allows peer review and auditing for selected integrator/sub contractor
•  Represents the owner’s interest through the implementation process

Construction Planning For:
•  Wiring typology and distribution areas
•  Blocking and millwork design support
•  Networking and WiFi
•  Lighting and Dimming Control
•  Audio and Video Systems
•  Window Treatment Motorization
•  Property surveillance
•  Sub System Control and Scheduling


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